Speed-Mentoring APDIQ

Speed-mentorings are a series of timed interviews between 20 young and 20 established designers hosted by the Association des Professionnels du Design d’Intérieur du Québec (APDIQ). The aim of this event is to facilitate the flow of knowledge between the two generations in a festive environment.


The February 19th 2015 edition was held at Station 16 Gallery, a creative hub for urban artists and silkscreen print shop in Montréal.

CAB Déco was proud to sponsor the event by lending the 40 colorful chairs on which aspiring designers and mentors took place.


Ara 310, various colors
Ara 315, various colors
Snow 300, various colors
Volt 670 , various colors
Volt 675, various colors


APDIQ, apdiq.com
Galerie Station 16, station16gallery.com
Photos: Guillaume Gorini, goriniphotography.com


realisation - Speed-mentoring APDIQ - 04 realisation - Speed-mentoring APDIQ - 03 realisation - Speed-mentoring APDIQ - 02realisation - Speed-mentoring APDIQ - 05 realisation - Speed-mentoring APDIQ - 01