For his second venture, chef Junichi Ikematsu (Jun i, on Laurier), has once again teamed up with well-known restaurant designer Jean-Pierre Viau.

Unlike Jun I, Saka-Ba!’s menu focuses on izakaya-inspired small plates and the quintessential japanese comfort food: ramen. Inside, 70’s japanese pop-culture posters and icons adorn the walls and an overall neo-retro mood looms over everything.

At Saka-Ba! Everybody eats together. Customers take place around two wide tables in the middle of the restaurant. For those who tend to stay away from the masses, there are additional seats at the bar that run around the whole space.

Our Ara 310s chair and Happy 395s stools in anthracite are the perfect match to the high-gloss red lacquer of the counters. Light and angular, they take on the style of the infamous Japanese ramen bars where you stop briefly for a bowl on the go.


Ara 310, Anthracite.
Happy 490, Black.


Saka-Ba. 1279 Avenue du Mont-Royal E


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