Circuit Index-Design 2014

Circuit Index-Design Montréal is perfect for education, networking, talking about ideas and celebrating design. This is a unique opportunity to host potential clients in your space who are highly interested and appreciate your products’ quality, to inform them about your expertise and to build lasting new business relationships.


Michel Dallaire
Atelier L’ABRI
Dan Hanganu


Circuit Index-Design


Projet - CIDM14 - hanganu_01 Projet - CIDM14 - hanganu_06 Projet - CIDM14 - labri_03 Projet - CIDM14 - labri_04 Projet - CIDM14 - sita_07 Projet - CIDM14 - sita_09 Projet - CIDM14 - sita_10 Projet - CIDM14 - Dallaire